About APIA

The Asia Pacific Internet Association (APIA) was originally established in 1997 (as Asia & Pacific Internet Association). It is a non-profit trade association. whose aim is to promote the business interests of the Internet-related service industry in the Asia Pacific region.

Our Mission is:

  • To ensure the future and stability of APRICOT
  • To build human resource infrastructure for the Internet and to foster the efficient, stable, and sustainable development of the Internet in the Asia Pacific region.

APIA is now committed to the stabilisation of the APRICOT operation and to continue to play a key role in educating and training the Internet operators in Asia Pacific region.

This is done by providing and promoting educational opportunities by hosting, endorsing, or co-organizing conferences, seminars, forums, workshops, and other training events.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the functioning of APIA, including keeping APIA true to its mission.


Objectives of APIA

The objectives of APIA are as stated in the APIA by-laws.

  • To organise and operate the annual Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies (APRICOT).
  • To develop industry procedures, mechanisms, and guidelines for effective and efficient operation of Internet-related infrastructure and services;
  • To facilitate industry-wide agreements on common business and operational issues of Internet-related infrastructure and services;
  • To facilitate the establishment of network operations groups (NOGs) with the aim of fostering and empowering sharing of knowledge, technology and understanding of the operational Internet.
  • To provide and promote educational opportunities through support of training activities that will enhance and empower technical and operational understanding of the Internet.

Activities of APIA

  • Providing the legal entity to support APRICOT
  • Working with the APRICOT Management Committees, APNIC and other industry partners on developing and growing APRICOT.
  • Supporting the local host of the annual APRICOT conference.
  • Endorsing other industry relevant Internet events in the AP region.
  • Coordinating efforts with our partners and other AP* organizations and global/regional/national Internet related associations.


The APIA Secretariat is operated by APIA's Executive Secretary, Ms Molly Cheam. Funding for APIA comes from membership and from the hosting fee paid by the hosts of the annual APRICOT conference. As such we are a non-profit organisation, although we do maintain a minimal operating reserve to fund the Executive Secretary role and the Secretariat activities.